Pool Maintenance

Pool Valet & Problem Solving

Our team is meticulous when it comes to pool maintenance and servicing.

The extra time spent checking, testing and calibrating can save a lot of money in the long run. There’s a lot to know so as to avoid costly repairs or pool closures, this is where experience matters most.

Get A comprehensive service and maintenance programme

Highly skilled, our pool technicians keep your pool sparkling clean and safely balance your chemicals. What’s more, they keep an eye out for maintenance issues that could turn into major problems further down the track. Here are just a few things we look at to ensure your pool stays in top condition. 

  • Filters – sand and cartridge
  • Pumps
  • Heating – solar, heat pumps and gas
  • Automated sanitising dosing systems
  • Re-fiberglassing
  • Lighting
  • Pool ladders / steps
  • Slides
  • Water care and cleaning systems

types of Commercial Pool Projects

Our team provides commercial pool maintenance services to a wide range of organisations and businesses. 

Whether it’s a pool for leisure, sports, recreation, body corporate tenants, hotel guests or simply for aesthetic purposes such as fountains, Wellington Pool Services can help.

  • School Pools
  • Body Corporate Pools
  • Apartment Pools
  • Hotel and Motel Pools
  • Aquatic Centres & Council Pools
  • Gym & Leisure Centre Pools
  • Wellness Pools & Spa Centres
  • Retirement Village Pools
  • Country Club Pools
  • Sports Clubs & Pools
  • Public Fountains & Water Parks
  • Veterinary & Rehab Pools

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